Here we go…

I’m new to blogging. I’m new to lots of things. But I hope to learn a lot over the year as I read the Bible every day. My idea is to use one of the plans in the great app The Holy Bible,

I’ve been a Christian with a small “C” for as long as I can remember but never heard the BIG VOICE from above to tell me what to do. Just a vague feeling of disappointment when I’ve done something wrong or the opposite when I’ve done something right. I keep feeling there is something more I could be doing. I joined Saint Paul’s Church. I joined the Manningham Parish Council. I was secretary for a while. I became a Communion assistant and help administer the Chalice on a Sunday morning. I took on the role of Churchwarden.

But always, this nagging feeling that I should be doing more!

So here we go… the Bible in a year. What will I learn? What will I feel?