Day 4

My thoughts today have mostly been about blogging. I’m still confused about a few things and I find WordPress “help” not to be all that helpful. So I write this bit, check! Then I link this to Twitter so my Twitter followers can read it too, check! Don’t want to link it to Facebook because I’d rather that was for what I call “fluff and stuff”, in other words just aimless ramblings and things like “went shopping today”, so check that. But how do I find out whether anyone’s reading this here? Yesterday’s blog was Liked by three bloggers, thank you kind people! But how do I follow them to see if they’re the kind of people I’d like to read about? Questions, questions and more questions…

Genesis 8, 9 and 10 finish the story of Noah and the flood. Then we get more detailed explanations of Noah’s descendants, their wives and sons and so on. It reminded me of Matthew 1 when we had an enormous chunk of the chapter telling us the line of descendants from Abraham to Jesus. So why are we being told about Noah’s descendants now? Another question for you! The account of Nimrod reminded me of Orion the Hunter. That can’t be a coincidence. My knowledge of ancient history is non existent so I don’t know it they were one and the same person. By the end of this part of Genesis, Noah’s family has spread across the earth and they speak in different languages. That’s one big family!

Matthew 4 and the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. These are the lands we’ve just heard about in Genesis, so some of Noah’s family turned out to be bad, who’d have known it? But they have a get-out clause, Jesus tells them to repent. At this stage, we don’t know if they listen or not. He calls the fishermen Peter and Andrew, then later James and John to follow him. And so his work begins in earnest.

But, what’s this “News about him spread as far as Syria”. So lots of people ARE choosing to repent and are actively following him. From all over the region. There is even a place called Ten Towns. That reminded me of the Victorian mill owner’s “Ten Churches” plan.

In the town of Bradford in the late Victorian era, several affluent mill owners got together and planned to build ten churches to serve the rapidly growing population. One of our neighbouring churches, Saint Philip’s in Girlington, was built at this time.

So we have a connection there. Ten Towns: Ten Churches. Is it something to do with tithing too? To give a tenth of your income to the church? Throughout the story of Noah, I’ve tried to go beyond the over familiar story of the animals went in two-by-two and find what God is saying. It’s something to do with numbers and facts. An accountant would love this chapter!

In Psalm 4 the message is that God will answer prayers. His reply will bring greater joy than abundant harvests and new wine. So a spiritual reward then, not a physical one.

Proverbs to finish with today, 1:20-23. Nice and short. Direct and to the point. Don’t be an idiot. Listen and learn “and I will make you wise.”


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