Day 32 (into the second month)

Exodus 13 and the escape from Egypt. There’s a real sense of urgency about it. This chapter is full of symbolism. God leads them towards the Red Sea and not directly towards Canaan because God wants them to avoid a battle.

I once read a really interesting article about the escape from Egypt. One translation of “Red Sea” is “Reed Sea”, which lies between Egypt and the modern Israel. It is prone to regular flooding and draining. When the Greek volcanic island of Santorini exploded around about this time, the resulting tsunami would have multiplied the effect. The escape across the Reed Sea, therefore, has some scientific basis. Bearing in mind that this whole passage is littered with allegorical references, it’s not too much of a leap to say that the Israelites could have walked to safety and the following Egyptian army could have drowned.

And so, having escaped the Pharaoh forever, in Exodus 15, the Israelites sing a song of their gratitude.

In Matthew 21, Jesus is telling parables to the temple teachers. Remember, they are still annoyed at him for what he did yesterday. He is telling them that he will be rejected but “become the cornerstone”. Unlike the disciples who need everything explaining to them, the temple teachers know what he’s talking about. They want him arrested, but are afraid of the crowds.

Psalm 26 has this verse: (26:8) “I love your sanctuary Lord, the place where your glorious presence dwells.” And that’s a line from a hymn too, isn’t it? And this time, I know which one: “We love this place, O God, wherein thy presence dwells.”

I’d like to share a line from Proverbs 6 (6:19) “[The Lord hates] … a person who sows discord in a family.”

By the way, if you’re wondering why tonight’s second reading is so short, I’ll tell you. In “Day 31” I wrote that the storm clouds were gathering in Jerusalem for Jesus. I meant it metaphorically. But just now a storm (not forecast) has broken and there are rumbles of thunder!

Time to go off line I think!


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