Day 33

I had a couple of tough days but back to normal tonight. I’m hoping that my annual “lull” (a mild down time) has passed and I can just get on with “stuff”. There’s all that stuff that gets put off in the dark winter months, you know? I need to get on the phone tomorrow and sort some things out. There’s emails to write. All the boring, but essential, day-to-day things that make life so hectic.

Meanwhile, Exodus 15, 16 and 17 and the Israelites have started to complain to Moses. We all know that their grumbles will get a lot worse before they get back to Canaan.

“We can’t drink that water!”

“We will starve to death!”

Then there was the miracle of the food (manna) that appeared on the ground. But the Israelites kept disobeying Moses. He told them to collect only what they needed. Some people collected too much and it was bad by morning. He told them not to collect it on the Sabbath. But some people went out anyway and found nothing.

Eventually they started listening and the manna fed them for forty years until they arrived at Canaan. Moses told Aaron to put some in a jar for future generations. But the people continued to complain. Under the Lord’s instructions, Moses strikes a rock with his staff and water streams out for the people to drink.

Matthew 22 and a difficult parable from Jesus. It’s the one about the King’s wedding feast. Some of the servants who have been sent out with invitations are refused, some are ignored, some are insulted and killed. So the King destroys the town and then tells his servants to bring everyone they meet to the feast. But a man arrives who is not dressed properly. He is unable to explain why he is not wearing the right clothes, so the King has him bound up and thrown out into the darkness.

If the King is God, the feast is heaven. The servants are the disciples (that’s us!). We are refused, ignored and tragically some Christians are killed for their faith. So on judgement day, God will invite everyone. But I have a problem with the improperly dressed man. Who does he represent? It seems unfair to have him thrown out. Unless the man is someone who is pretending to be something he is not? Is he a cheat, a liar?

Psalm 27 reads like a song too. I’m sure it inspired a hymn, but I could be wrong. It starts: (27:1) “The Lord is my light and my salvation…” and it ends on a high note: (27:6) “Then I will hold my head up high…”

Proverbs 6 has some wise words about different types of immoral women and what to do about them. Basically, stay away guys!


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