Day 37

“Happy Birthday to me!”

Yes, it’s another memorable day in the year. My 52nd birthday. I can’t believe I’m this age. I don’t feel it! Well, most of the time anyway. But how does this day fit in with my Bible reading? What difference will this event have on my perceptions of God’s word? Let’s see…

Exodus 23 concludes God’s enormous list of instructions for the Israelites. And last of all he tells them that they should hold three Festivals or celebrations. Now, that fits in with my birthday, doesn’t it? well, no. God is talking about the Festival of unleavened bread, the Festival of first Harvest and the Festival of Final Harvest. No birthdays mentioned!

In Exodus 24, Moses tells the people what God has commanded and they say they will obey. God calls Moses and the elders up the mountain. Exodus 25 tells us what happens next. When the arrive on the mountain, God calls Moses up into the cloud which covered the mountain.

And there he was given instructions on how to build the Ark of the Covenant. It will need a table to put it on and a lamp-stand. And the detailed instructions on how to build all these are given to Moses.

Jesus continues to tell the disciples about judgement day on Matthew 24. He uses the parable about a servant who has been left to look after a house while the master is away. A good servant will be ever watchful and ready for the master’s return. A bad servant will party and get drunk. The good servant will be rewarded by being put in charge of everything. But the bad one will be cut into pieces and be sent to live with hypocrites.

Psalm 30 is a celebration. After the serious tone of Jesus’ words, and the warning about not partying! (30:1) “I will exult you, Lord, for you rescued me.” (30:11) “You have turned by mourning into joyful dancing.” Now, that last line I’ve heard before in a worship song. Seems like a good reason to celebrate!

And the words from Proverbs continue the warning about spending time with that immoral woman. And that’s the sentiment behind the 60’s song “The Rising Sun” about a brothel in New Orleans which includes the words: “and it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God I know, I’m one.” In Proverbs 7, verse 26 says, “For she has been the ruin of many; many men have been her victims.”

So not much about birthdays today. I didn’t have a party, and certainly didn’t get drunk (not done that for a long time!!). And no immoral women either, before you ask!

The computer was on a “go slow” tonight and took 20 minutes just to open a window. Maybe the message is: “That’s enough”? Should I be enjoying a night off blogging?

Too late!


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