Day 38

In Exodus 26 and 27 there are incredibly detailed instructions on how to construct the Tabernacle (tent) for the Ark of the Covenant. I was struck by how much detail and information was included here. Does a Tabernacle still exist to this specifications?

I enjoyed tonight’s Matthew reading. In chapter 25, Jesus uses two parables to tell us what heaven will be like. In the first one, ten brides have each been given a lamp to look after. Five are careful with their oil and tend their lamps. Five do not. This reminded me of the Exodus reading where the Israelites were told to keep the lamp burning. The five brides who were not careful end up with no oil. They have to go out to get some and (wouldn’t you know it?) the bridegroom arrives while they’re out. The five brides who cared for their lamps get married. The others do not.

In tonight’s Psalm 31, part of verse 7 jumped off the page for me: “You have seen my troubles.”

And finally Proverbs 8 tells us the very words of Wisdom! (8:11) “Wisdom is far more valuable than rubies…”


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