Day 39

After all the excitement and stress of the first few weeks, the year has now settled more or less into a routine. I’ve got my Bible reading and blogging down to around 40 minutes per day. That’s a bit tight sometimes, but do-able. I got some feedback and a few views. But the number of daily views has gone down. What has changed? Could be that you, dear readers, have not been reading as regularly as you were back in January? Stick with it, we’ll soon be into the glories that are Spring and galloping headlong into lighter evenings and warmer days.


In Exodus we are given details about what the priests are to wear. Especially Aaron, Moses’ brother. He is to be the chief priest and his clothing is described in incredible detail. It is a richly adorned robe and garments of fine tunic, decorated with gold thread and engraved gem stones. Not something you could buy from the Old Testament’s version of M&S!

In Matthew 25, Jesus says that when the Son of Man comes in glory, the people will be separated into sheep or goats. The sheep will be saved, the goats will not. How will they be judged? On how they treated the least of his brothers and sisters. Have you given a stranger food or a drink? Have you given a stranger a home, or clothing? Have you looked after the sick or prisoners? Think about it.

People often say “charity begins at home”, maybe it does. But I believe it’s more important to say “charity begins WITH home”. Home could be where you live, or doing something that can improve the homes and lives of others. Even if they are in another country.

Matthew 26 1-13 is such a well known reading, that I’ll only repeat one verse here. (26:11) “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” Which I take to mean that we can always help the least of our brothers and sisters. We can always do a little bit more that we are at the moment.

Psalm 31 continues with a phrase that means a lot to me. (31:12) “I am ignored as if I were dead, as if I were a broken pot.” We are all broken pots to some degree. Some are useless, and some only chipped. But we can all be fixed! Even the pots which have been dropped and smashed can be repaired. Who can repair a broken pot? (31:15) “[O Lord] My future is in your hands…”

Proverbs 8 continues with a two verse reading. (8:13) “… I hate pride and arrogance, corruption and perverse speech.”


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