Day 43

I couldn’t read tonight’s Exodus chapter (34) without thinking about Charlton Heston. The scope and telling of this part of the story is very Hollywood. Moses returns to the mountain to get the Ten Commandments written by God onto two new stone tablets. He comes back to camp a changed man. His face now glows so brightly that everyone is afraid of him.

A short passage from the 35th chapter completes tonight’s Old Testament reading. Moses tells the people what they must now do. They must make a sacred offering to the Lord.

Matthew 27 and the travesty that was Jesus’ final court hearing. Pilate washes his hands and turns Jesus over to the soldiers. Hence the phrase which has entered our common speech: “washing his hands of it”. Meaning to be done with it. Pilate was a weak man. But he was trapped by the needs of his own authority and the desire not to start a riot among the local people.

Jesus is lead away to be tortured and crucified.

Psalm 33 which began as a song of joy is now being overshadowed by the events in Matthew. I look hard to find words of comfort. (33:18) “The Lord watches over those who fear him… (19) He rescues them from death… (22) … for our hope is in you alone.”

Wisdom is calling from the words of Proverbs 9, verse 4. “‘Come in with me,’ she urges the simple… (6) ‘Leave your simple ways behind and begin to live.'”


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