Day 46

Blogging. Still finding it a bit of a chore. I actually managed to get a bit in front and schedule the blog to be published last night. But did I use my time wisely? What do you think! I was really tired yesterday, so instead of keeping a day ahead, I’ve now got back to day-by-day blogging. Yes, sure it has that roughness, that raw edge, that fresh emotion that can only come from NOT editing!!! But does that make it better?


Exodus 39 and 40. Finally, the Tabernacle is finished and the glory of the Lord filled the place. By day there was a cloud which descended over the Tabernacle, so Moses could not enter. Whenever the cloud lifted, the Israelites could move on. And so their journey continued.

In OUR journey through the Bible we come now to the Gospel of St Mark. But before we get stuck in, what are my immediate thoughts on Matthew’s account? Well, he was very scathing of the Pharisees and the Jews who condemned Jesus. Pilate also comes in for criticism. So I think my lasting impression is one of harsh words for those who did not follow Jesus.

Wha… wha… wait! Wow! Mark leaps almost breathlessly straight into Jesus’ Baptism by John and his wanderings in the desert. All the detail from Matthew is being swept away. I have a feeling our focus will be on other things this time. By the end of today’s readings, Jesus has already started calling his disciples, has preached in the temple and driven out an evil spirit which has excited the audience. All this and we’re only up to verse 28.

Psalm 35 is a prayer for strength against the enemies of the writer. (35:18) “They repay me evil for good. I am sick with despair.” Across the world, people are facing extreme weather. We know about the floods in the UK and the Arctic conditions in the US. But others are suffering too. What comfort can we find here?

None. We must look elsewhere if we are to find relief from all the problems that this weather brings.

Proverbs 9 continues with words of Wisdom, (9:12) “If you become wise, you will become the one to benefit…”

May God be with everyone who is in despair tonight. Especially those who are suffering the effects of the terrible weather and storms.


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