Day 91

“These fat cats have everything their hearts could ever wish for!” (Psalms 73:7 NLT)

The Psalm goes on to say that these people are on the slippery slope. But this verse made me smile.

I didn’t realise rut expression Fat Cat comes from the Bible. It’s a brilliant way of describing the nature of a certain type of person.

You’ve met them I’m sure. They sit round all day, just being idle and letting everyone around them do all the fetching and carrying. All they do is eat and sleep, sleep and eat. Growing fatter and lazier each day.

They have no desires, apart from eating and sleeping. So that’s just what they do. All day. Every day.

You and me would be bored senseless at such an existence. But for them, it is Heaven.

Until their life ends and they find themselves in that other place!

I’d just like to add this rider: I am a cat person. I like their style, their outlook on life and their unerring sense of adventure! I’m not keen on dogs and they and I have an understanding. I won’t pat and they don’t ask! Suits me fine!


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