The 117th Day of the Year

“Stay away from fools, for you won’t find knowledge on their lips.” (Proverbs 14:7)

Ah, Proverbs. Every one a gem!

What sort of things do foolish people talk about? Well, basically, they talk a load of rubbish. Think of radio DJs with no music to play. In fact, that’s a poor analogy because it’s hard to talk while planning music, preparing the next song, listening to the director in one hear and the music in the other ear. Radio DJs have a tricky job. Harder than it seems.

So who talks MORE rubbish than that?

Politicians? I had a go at them last week, so let’s leave them to one side today.

Shop workers. What’s hard about working in a shop? All they have to do is scan stuff while making inane chatter about the price of eggs. But, in fact, they need to be able to operate a computerised till. Be able to deal with difficult customers. Know about the stock. Understand what problems some people might have with their shopping and how to help them. Coping with customers and their foibles, day after day after day… You know what? More respect for shop workers.

So who should we stay away from? How to spot a fool?

You can’t tell by looking. That’s what this verse is about. Listen to them. Does what they are saying make sense?


Congratulations, you’ve found a fool!


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