Day 129

“But the lord killed seventy men from Beth-shemesh because they looked into the Ark of the lord. And the people mourned greatly because of what the lord had done.” (1 Samuel 6:19 NLT)

Something a bit different today. I have been puzzling over what has happened to the Ark. The Israelites went to so much trouble to build it and also the Tabernacle.

But it has barely been mentioned over the last few books. And suddenly the Philistines had captured it. But The Lord punished them with tumours. So they returned it to the Israelites who were overjoyed.

They spent the day praising God and sacrificing animals to thank God.

But He is obviously still annoyed with them because in this passage we learned that some people who had looked inside the Ark were killed.

Is it wrong of me to think of the closing scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark?


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