Day 133

“‘Is it legal to convict a man before he is given a hearing?’ He asked.” (John 7:51)

Something rare happened tonight. I read the four chapters which the Bible app had selected for today and found nothing jumping out at me. Including Proverbs, which is normally a great stand-by.

So I chose this one. The Pharisees are arguing among themselves. Some say Jesus should be arrested right now. But one of them says this. Jesus needs a proper hearing.

The evidence is not exactly stacking up. In fact, they can find nothing to arrest Jesus for. I love the way the Gospel writer, John, is giving us quite a few instances where it was not all cut and dried. It is not an open and shut case. The waters were muddy. (How many more cliches can I include here?)

Basically, what is the case against him?


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