The one hundred and thirty ninth day of twenty fourteen

“The Lord protects those of childlike faith; I was facing death, and he saved me.” (Psalms 116:6)

Act your age!

Stop behaving like a baby!

How many times have you heard these things said? Maybe you’ve said them yourself? I know I have.

Usually said in frustration or anger and intended as an insult.

Being childish is seen as the ultimate put-down. But here the Psalmist is painting a different picture. To act like a child means to believe unquestioningly. To accept without a hint of sarcasm or negativity. Right?


Children are ALWAYS questioning!

“Why?” Because they need to learn more about the world around them. “Why?” Because they have not yet learned how the world works and how to act, etc.

“Why?” Because they are not old enough to understand. “Why?” Because they have not lived long enough yet.

“Why?” Because… because… Oh I don’t know!

God knows why, that’s why.


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