Day 151

“Standing near the cross were Jesus’ mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary (the wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene.” (John 19:25 NLT)

Who was there when Jesus was crucified?

It seems like each of the Gospel writers has a different account. Who were the witnesses?

In John’s Gospel, he lists four women and in the verse which follows he lists a male disciple, probably John himself. Who was Mary, the wife of Clopas? A significant person if she was allowed to stay for these emotional moments for his family.

It is hard to pretend that women do not have an important role to play in the early days of the church.

And as the Church of England moves towards the inevitable decision to approve women Bishops, it is wonderful to see that (not before time) women will be given equal rights to men.

I was puzzled this week to overhear someone call the church old fashioned. And then I read this and the thought struck me: how can we say it is not when we still treat women differently?


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