Day 247

“Better to hear the quiet words of a wise person than the shouts of a foolish king.” (‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭9‬:‭17‬ NLT)

This reminds me of the original film version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Every time one of the obnoxious children break Willy Wonka’s rules, he quietly tells them to behave. Gene Wilder as Mr Wonka almost looks bored as he half-heartedly calls for help to rescue the doomed child!

But it is all in vain as the child is then whisked away. Nobody (other than Charlie, of course) listens to the quiet words of the wise man.

Time and time again in real life we are distracted by the shouts around us. Adverts are always shouting. They urge us to spend our hard earned money. And to what end? A better life! A happy life! Spend and be happy!

Why do we listen? Because the voices are loud L.O.U.D! LOUD!

What’s that quiet person saying? Huh?


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