Day 316

[Caution. The following blog contains a verse which some people may find offensive]

There are many passages in the Bible which could be said to be a bit…. Erm…. Racy?

Song of Songs is one. And there are others, especially in the Old Testament. Would it be wrong of me to chose one such verse here today?

Why am I doing it? To stir things up? Perhaps. But there’s more to it than that. A few months ago I referred to a verse in which a king was murdered and the knife was hidden by his rolls of fat. When the king died, he evacuated his bowels. And I had a comment to that blog from someone who called my choice of verse “weird” or “odd”.

So you might say that I am doing the same now. Maybe I am.

Or maybe I’m making the point that the Bible is not a children’s story book. Oh sure there’s the Nativity, the flood and so on.

But in Ezekiel we have the tale of two prostitutes. The analogy is the people of Israel who have sold their lives to the highest bidder, like a prostitute does. But they didn’t learn their lesson.

The second prostitute is even worse than the first one. The people continue to disobey God.

And so to the verse which jumped off the page for me today. I make no apologies for censoring it here.

“She lusted after lovers with ######## as large as a ######’s and emissions like those of a #####.” (Ezekiel‬ ‭23‬:‭20‬ NLT)


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