I know it hasn’t finished yet, but thank you to…


This has been an, erm… interesting year!

I will sum-up my final thoughts on the Bible in a few day’s time, but this post is here to thank those far and wide who have made this journey an interesting one!

On the right of this post is a list of the cool blogs I’m following. They’re all lovely people. Follow them!

Thank you:

Sharon (Always kind words, even when the site kept crashing)

Robert (Diligent reader! Not many comments from him, but I knew he was reading all my posts)

Emmerson Walgrove for his inspirational blogs http://theviewfrommanningham.blogspot.co.uk/

Amanda Boorman – thank you! Follow her blog to find out why adoptive parents look so frazzled. One of the loveliest people I’ve never met! http://allaboardthetraumatrain.com/

Gede Prama – kind words in the early days http://en.gravatar.com/gedepramacompassion

Bill Carson – also gave me some kind words http://wjcarson.wordpress.com/

The blog-sphere can be a lonely place, but this blog was never about getting hundreds of followers. In some ways, it was a paradox. I was being totally selfish by saying what I thought the Bible was about. What it meant to ME. The Bible is full of examples of people being rewarded for looking after other people.

So thank you, one and all, for your “Likes”, “Comments” and even if you’ve just read the occasional one. Thank you all!


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