About me and what I’m doing


I am a fan of 2001, Doctor Who and the Bloodhound 1000 mph car project. I describe myself as Christian with a small “C”, but this year I need to start using it as a capital letter!

I am married with three children. One birth child (we use the term “home made”) and two adopted children.


I will be using the Bible app, You Version, “The One Year Bible (R)” http://oneyearbible.youversion.com/

Into February:

I’m starting to realise that this task is bigger than I had expected. It takes me around 40 minutes to write each post, sometimes an hour. Reading the Bible is not like reading a novel. Each day has specific texts and I try to find a link between them. A common theme.

It’s not easy! And by it’s nature, it has to relate to whatever is happening around me at the time. So I may interpret a passage to mean THIS and you will object! “No, no, no,” you will say, “You’ve got it all wrong!” Because it’s from your perspective. So I defend myself by saying: not right or wrong, just different.

Into March:

I briefly tried just posting a verse which I find noteworthy. But this is frustrating as I want to say something personal about it and why I chose it. So my search for something interesting and relevant continues!

And at the end of the year:

I struggled with this particular plan. In the early weeks I was trying to find a connection between the OT, NT, Psalms and Proverbs. After a while I abandoned this and just went with one or two verses which resonated. I don’t think there is a link at all. I think the plan was simply the OT and NT each divided into 365 parts. And the Psalms and Proverbs were divided into 182 parts, and were repeated after 6 months. You Version have amended this for the plan this year and all four parts are divided into 365 parts.
But I missed any sort of commentary to pull the threads together. I followed a reading plan for Advent which had the commentary and that made a world of difference.
In short, yes I would recommend it but the Bible In A Year plan lacks context. As a discipline to get from one cover of the Bible to the other it was fine.

Has my faith grown? Hmmm… that’s the $64,000 question. I do feel more confident in talking about the Bible and when we read it in church I can now say to myself “Ah, that’s the bit where…” So my knowledge of the Bible has increased. But has my faith? I am questioning faith a lot more and I think I might have got a few glimpses of what the Lord wants me to do with my life. What is faith?

Difficult questions. Isn’t that what life is all about?


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